Monday, 18 May 2015

Is It Summer Yet...?? 10 lbs in 10 Days Meal Plan! Wedding Weekend!!

The weather in Cornwall has been all over the place lately! One day it's sunny, and the next day it's raining, what's that about?

Anyway, enough about the weather!

So since I finished that hideous cleanse, my weight has stayed around the same for ages now. Though I did go on holiday at the end of March and ate bread, oh my goodness, it was so bloody good!!

I went to Cyprus to visit my sister as she'd just had a little baby, so now my official title is Auntie Tash! Woop!!

We had a great week, and ate some good food, and mainly carbs, oops haha! It's ok, I only put on a few lbs.

After I was done with the cleanse, I went on to LCHF as I talked about in a previous post. I followed it for a month or so, but my weight stayed the same after the initial loss.
Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful eating all that fat, but I didn't half miss my carbs.

I decided after that to simply eat a balance of everything. Depriving yourself is never going to work for too long, so eating bread again is a joy!

I also mentioned my friends wedding which was at the start of May! It was a wonderful wedding, with an amazing reception, I met so many awesome people, and had a blast!
It was in Derbyshire, so a bit of a trek with a lot of driving, but so worth it! My satnav only got me lost once, right when it was looking for the postcode I'd entered, literally took me to the first house it came to! D'oh!
I ended up asking a chap where Garden Farm was, he was very helpful, and posh...

Before that weekend, I did an eating plan from Jackie Warner.
If you're not familiar with that name, Jackie is a very successful trainer, and nutrition expert based in California.
You can find her books on Amazon, and videos on YouTube. She also has a Facebook page, and Instagram account.

So the plan I did, which I have done on a couple of occasions now, is - 10 lbs in 10 days.
I've had the book for a couple of years, and revert back to it because it works!

The book is based on 3 separate blocks of 10 days, after the 10 days is done, you can move onto the next two phases, for a potential total loss of 30 lbs in 30 days!

The book contains exercises for each day, but I just went to the gym a few days, and went swimming, walking etc.
The meal plan has some typos though, so I entered everything into MyFitnessPal for a more accurate outcome.

On day one I weighed, then got to it! It's actually a lot of food for a little under 1000 calories!

I know, I know, we all know not to slip under 1200 calories ideally, but this is 10 days of your life, and if it didn't get you results, Jackie wouldn't encourage it!

Unlike the makers of C9, I trust this program 100%... It's so easy to follow, the only drawback is that it can get boring, the same food everyday for 10 days.

Once I'd input all the foods into MFP, the calories were a little over, so I cut out the almonds from the plan so the calories would be as close to the proper amount as possible.

The meal plan after I'd adjusted it looks like this -


40g Dry weight oats - made into porridge with water (I add ground cinnamon and Butterscotch Zero Syrup from
Half a medium grapefruit
1 Cup of green tea
500ml Cold water

Mid Morning Snack

1 Medium braeburn apple
500ml Cold water


2 Slices wholemeal bread
1/4 Avocado
A few Slices of tomato
30g Baby spinach
30g Romaine - I had this instead of alfalfa sprouts, which are expensive.
1 tbsp Mustard - I used French's yellow mustard as Dijon is far too strong and burns my nose!
500ml Cold water

Mid Afternoon Snack

2 Sticks celery - about 150g
1 tbsp Peanut butter - 100% peanuts!
500ml Cold water


170g Skinless chicken breast
170g Broccoli
50g Cooked bulgar wheat - In the book it says 3 small new potatoes, but I already had cooked bulgar in the fridge.
1/2 tbsp Olive oil
500ml Cold water

For most days, I diced my chicken and fried it in the olive oil with some salt and pepper, and garlic, or seasonings such as Cajun and Sriracha chilli sauce. Adding in chopped broccoli and the bulgar wheat.

Post Dinner

1 Cup green tea mixed with a fruit/herbal tea bag

Total Calories - 970...ish!

The amount of water at mealtimes equals 2.5 litres, with an additional 500ml whilst you exercise, for a daily total of 3 litres! Some people struggle with this amount, but staying hydrated really helps with weight loss, and staying full!

I followed this plan for 8 days, I started it a little late, but I ended up losing just over 5 lbs, which I was really happy about. I didn't exercise as heavily as I could as I had a bit of a head cold to try and clear before my weekend away!
But still, great results.

My mum followed the 10 days as well, didn't exercise all that much, and lost a little under 6 lbs!
So even if you can't do the exercises in the book, but go walking, and are lightly active, you could still lose a good few lbs!

Granted, after the Saturday of my friends wedding, and the food and beers, I put on a couple of lbs, but at least I had fun haha!

So now I am eating a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, and fats, and the losses, although slow, are still there!

Not every diet in the world is going to work for everybody, just find something that works for you, and enjoy the journey! Don't restrict yourself too badly, you're not training for the Olympics, or maybe you are!

Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't lose weight from one week to the next, or you only lose a little!
Chill out if you put on, it's not the end of the world, so relax and be happy!

Eat well, move, have fun, and love yourself! You are a unique snowflake!

Peace :)

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