Saturday, 7 March 2015

Life after the cleanse..

So it's been two weeks since I finished the C9!

Sadly I saw no positives from doing such an awful thing to my body! Yes I dropped 6 lbs, but 3 lbs crept back on even though I ate healthy foods, and exercised.

Ever since I finished, I have moved onto LCHF - Low Carb High Fat - and let me tell you, it's tough cutting out grains and carbilicious foods - rice, oats, wheat, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes - but totally worth it!

High fat means that I can eat butter, cheese, cream, avocados, and the skin on chicken, without feeling guilty!
As long as I stay within my macro allowance each day, it's all good!

So, after my initial 3 lb weight gain last Friday (Feb 27) from upping my calories to fairly normal, I was a bit nervous about weighing yesterday.
I stepped on, and waited for the numbers to appear, and low and behold, I was down a little over FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!

I am over joyed, and really hope that this means that the numbers are going to continue to go down over the coming months! I don't mind the occasional stall, but gains aren't so great.

It's really important to keep an open mind, and positive thoughts on my journey to being buff..
Can't believe I ate cheese, and butter, eggs, and streaky bacon, and lost weight! Brilliant!

I've cut my carb intake down to 50g, and getting them from vegetables and the odd bit of fruit here and there.
I love cheese, and cooking with butter, so this is something I really missed by going low fat. Never again! Everything tastes better with butter!

I do miss certain carbs, like crispbreads, beans, sweet potato, bulgar wheat. But if these things are stalling my fat loss, I'll just give them a wide berth for a while!

Most shockingly though, I had some San Miguel beers last weekend, and I usually like it, but just tasted watery.
I hope I'm not losing my taste for beer haha, though give me a really good IPA/Craft ale any day!

I am excited for what the next few months will bring...Cheeeeese!

Byeeee :)
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