Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Why quitting my job was right for me!

It seems that a few things were assumed when I gave my notice at my old job! These things have come into light in the last week, and have annoyed me a little!

My reasons for quitting were -

I was miserable working for a chain restaurant.

The hours were unsociable, EVEN for a chef job!

The food was all bought in.

My days off consisted of doing laundry, and not much else.

I was exhausted. All. the. time!

Late nights, and early starts do not mix.

My health was suffering - I only got to eat one proper meal a day, during my split.

My metabolism was ruined, from under eating, and burning more calories than I consume by hundreds! Now making my journey 10 times tougher!

My strength was weakening. I had trained so hard for 6 months, then all a sudden, my gym life was over, and it was ALL about work!

I DID NOT quit because I couldn't handle the covers! B*tch, please! I've done more covers, with less chefs, and making everything from fresh ingredients, FROM SCRATCH! Nothing frozen, apart from peas, prawns, and fries!

Shouldn't your health come first? When I started my journey to become the healthy person I'm going to be, I didn't count on being set back by a job! I'm 6 months behind schedule. From mid June to the end of August, I lost around 18 lbs! This was purely through under eating, and working lots of hours! Not good!

At the end of August, I went to a food festival, and I ate so much food, it was awesome! I put on about 5 lbs that weekend haha!

Then from the start of September, I started eating the food at work, as the other guys quite rightly said, I'm entitled to it! Unfortunately it's mainly carbs - Pizza, pasta, potatoes.

So the weight I lost, slowly crept back on again, until the New Year, when I went back to the gym, and started to eat clean again - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not going to dwell on the fact that I'm behind schedule, it was a big ole bump in the road. I'm back on track with my eating, and exercise, and life is good, now I have the time to invest in the most important thing, MY HEALTH WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So, if you have made a resolution to lose weight, get fit, or be healthy, do it! Don't quit, and if obstacles get in your way, remove them, or take another route!

Here's to 2015 - This is the year I reach my goals, and smash them out of the park!! I hope you reach your goals too :)

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