Sunday, 22 February 2015

Forever Living C9 - Final Thoughts..

It was day nine of the cleanse yesterday, I'd been gagging for it to end for a good few days, I've not been this hungry in months!

So, the results from this nine days are - A loss of 6 lbs (probably mainly water and muscle) and 4 or 5 inches from here and there! If that had been a loss of 4 inches from my waist, I'd have been way more impressed, but an inch is so, meh!

Was it worth it? As I'm a healthy, calorie counting, eater, and a gym goer anyway, it helped bust through my plateau, but essentially, no it wasn't worth it!

I think that maybe this is aimed more at people with awful diets, who eat way too much rubbish, so when they drastically drop calorie intake, of course the weight falls off!!

I think the rules were too vague, as in, they don't give you any idea of how to balance your meals in the book.

If they had properly written recipes, rather than throwing them together and under/over estimating calories, it may help more in understanding what you're eating.

It's important to get a healthy balance of fats, carbs, and proteins. Which is why, after I've steadily upped my calories over the next few weeks, I'll be going on to LCHF - Low Carb High Fat. Fat is not the enemy, we need fat to burn fat, which is not what anyone was told back in the 80s when crazy low fat diets went off the rails!

As I'm halfway through my weight loss journey, I think that my body is getting more comfortable with my current weight, so doesn't want to carry on quite as quickly as when I started.

So, having done some research online, and seeing some great results, I'm giving Low Carb a bash!

My macros are now, roughly, 10% Carbs 35% Protein 55% Fat - The challenge is set! I'm a big carb fan, brown rice, bulgar wheat, oats, sweet potato etc, so this will be hard at the start, but hopefully worth it, in order to lose the rest of the flab!

Another thing that can really help to lose fat, is Intermittent Fasting - Pick two days a week where you eat around 600 - 800 healthy balanced calories. Also known as the 5:2 Diet.

So in conclusion, if you're like me, and have hit a plateau and looking for a boost, save your money, and go on to something like 5:2, or LCHF, drink plenty of water and do some exercise a few days a week.

It's not always fats that make us fat, sometimes it's those pesky starchy delicious carbs. It just takes time to work these things out!

Oh, another thing, the Garcinia didn't work on me, I still felt hungry all day, and the shakes never filled me up! I believe that a lot of it is a placebo effect. You take supplements that stop hunger and you convince yourself that they work - It's a load of rubbish! I also sneezed everyday, A LOT, how unusual!

I've read reviews on Amazon, but Forever Living don't sell their products on there. So anything sold on there isn't legit, but my review is the only negative one so far.
I'm just the kind of person that expects a lot for my money, and when I don't, I'm not impressed!

If this genuinely worked on people, and they kept the weight off, and continued to live a healthy life, then good on them, but for me, nah, a total waste of cash - how effing annoying!

Cheers guys - Here's to the next few weeks!

Byeeee :)
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