Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Day Five of C9.....

So day five has arrived! *Update - I was actually supposed to weigh on day six, not five, oh well!*

I'm all weighed, and measured, and have lost a further 1.2 lbs, and another inch off my chest. Since starting my fat loss journey last January, I've basically shrunk from the neck down.

It must be a girl thing, some of us always lose our boobs first! I'm not complaining though, big boobs are a hazard when trying to run haha!

Since Sunday, I have been so glad to be eating meals again, man was I hungry on days one and two..

Yesterday, I split my calorie allowance for meals between lunch and dinner. 600 calories worth of vegetables is a massive plateful, even with 100g of brown rice and chicken! I struggled!

I went to the gym yesterday, had more energy so was able to put in some time on the cross trainer, and weights.
Though got tired quicker, as I didn't have my usual fuel of porridge, and protein shake..

To be honest, this is a quick fix, and I will be glad when it's over, and I can incorporate more calories. I wouldn't want to undo the losses, so will take things nice and steady, plus regular gym sessions should keep things moving - fingers crossed!!

I've set a couple of goals for the end of April, I have a wedding to attend on May 2, so they're my main focus, mini goals are easier to stick to than massive goals. 20 lb losses at a time are perfect for me, I only count in lbs - 40 to go!!

For anyone who may be thinking of doing something like this cleanse, my advice would be - lift weights, keep your muscles working, don't just rely on cardio type exercise - walking, swimming, running etc.
Muscle loss is one of my fears, I've only just been able to get back to lifting heavy weights, I wouldn't want to go back again!

Even if you can't lift the same weights for the same amount of reps/sets, try your best, so long as your muscles get a work out, and you feel fatigued, it's better than nothing!

That's about it really. I will be back on the weekend with another update, and my final results/thoughts.....

Byeeeeeeee :)

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