Sunday, 15 February 2015

Day Three of Forever Living C9....... An Update!

So here it is, day three, finally I can have some real food tonight! WOOHOO, I am soooo excited about eating chicken, brown rice, and broccoli!

I have to admit, the first two days are tough, my stomach was growling a fair bit, I felt cold on Friday evening too (A side effect).
You are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables from a list of low GI food, but I wanted to go hard on this!

The therm tablets are full of caffeine, as I don't drink tea or coffee, they did make me feel a little sick after I took the morning dose. But that faded within an hour, it might have been because I started my exercise too soon.
I should wait an hour maybe.

The vanilla shake, although nice, well REALLY nice with unsweetened almond milk, takes a lot of vigorous shaking and still I had a few gritty bits left in the shaker.
Not like my usual brand of protein powders from, they have amazing flavours!

Anyway, I digress, so I weighed and measured this morning, like I'm supposed to.....aaaaaand, I lost 4.4lbs and an inch of my chest, waist, stomach, and hips.

So 4 inches total, not bad, but yeah, it is because I've eaten nothing and had very few calories!

Thank God it was only two days!
To go from eating lots of healthy food, to nothing, is hard going, and why my stomach tried eating itself!!

I have to weigh and measure again on day five, so I'll do another update then.
Thankfully on days three - nine, I get a 600 calorie meal each night, plus on the last day, I also get a 300 calorie lunch!

I'm thinking after I'm done with this cleanse, I will start to incorporate a 5:2 kind of lifestyle, but eating the kinds of food I eat anyway, instead of from a book. I find it much easier to log everything on MyFitnessPal, so I know where I am.
Plus so many of those kinds of books always state, a portion of this, a medium sized that, and I end up saying, "For goodness sake, just put the amount in grams!!" Haha.... The meal ideas in the C9 booklet are like that, a portion of green veg, or, a medium sweet potato.

I'm just going to log everything on MFP as usual, and see what happens, as long as I get the calorie allowance, I'm sure it will be fine..

Tip : I've read quite a few reviews/blogs about this cleanse, and a few ladies stated that they had no problems with toilet activities. Well, I don't want to be gross, but I only had no problem peeing, like a race horse!
Had to have a salt water flush this morning though - 1 tsp sea salt flakes in a glass of warm water - it worked haha ewwww, I'm sorry!

I'll be back on day five, with another update..

Byeeee :)
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